Frequently asked questions:

  • False insurance claims occur, and we are well aware of it.
    Critical questions will be asked if there is any indication that a false claim exists. The implementation of a solid risk management is our priority. From HE you can expect your claim to be handled thoroughly and professionally.

  • Quite often it is said that all the required information has been sent to the Company, so why is there still need for an expert? And why does he still ask me questions I have already answered?
    The insurer may have different reasons to engage an expert to handle your claim, regardless of the delivery of your file. The most common reason is the amount of the claim. The complexity of the claim is also another common reason why the insurer will engage an expert. In addition, the possibility exists that there are so many unknowns, regarding your claim, that it is impossible for the insurer to settle the claim immediately. Your situation could also be used as an example or the insurer could have other reasons to use an expert.

  • During the expert’s visit there will be a written statement made of facts regarding the conditions under which the damage occurred. In addition, our expert, if possible, will determine the damage amount you could receive only after having reviewed the policy conditions to which you may be entitled. As a result our expert will prepare a report for the insurer. Then they will proceed with the prosecution of the claim.

  • It is difficult to estimate the time needed for an appointment with a claims expert. This depends greatly on the size and complexity of the claim. The average appointment time varies from 45 minutes for a relatively simple claim to 2 to 3 hours for a large, more complex claim.

  • Unfortunately it is not always possible for us to specify the exact time that our experts will arrive. Travel time, weather, traffic conditions and the duration of an earlier appointment may unintentionally influence the agenda of the day. Our experts take these elements into consideration and if there is a delay they will contact you as soon as possible. We understand that delays can take time and that your time is precious!

  • Can an appointment be made at my work address?
    It is desirable that the visit takes place at your home for a fair and speedy settlement of the claim. Often details which are asked and documents and goods which are required to be submitted are kept at home. Only in very exceptional cases – and depending on your claim – will our experts be able to make a visit to your work address.

  • Can the claim be handled over the telephone?
    In theory the claim cannot be handled by telephone. Only in exceptional circumstances is it possible that the claim can be settled without an appointment from our expert. If we propose to settle the claim by telephone this is agreed upon by the client. We do not act on a claim by telephone without the consent of the insurer. If you wish to be visited nevertheless, our expert is on their way.

  • Are you obliged to cooperate?
    Yes, you are in line with the policy conditions and in connection with the handling of your claim, obliged to cooperate fully.

  • How can I make a complaint?
    Do you have a complaint about the way an employee of HE treats you? You can find more information about filing your complaint.


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