Loss and Damage expertise is the investigation into the nature, cause and extent of loss or damage. Within the boundaries of the “unjust deed “also known as ‘tort’ we evaluate the ‘causal’ link with regard to the damage and the liability for it.

As Damage and Loss experts for the Agricultural Industry we each have our specialism. For example, livestock expert or crop-growing expert. Project cases which are carried out for insurance risk:

  • Private Liability Insurance
  • Gaming Liability Insurance
  • Company Liability Insurance
  • Operating Loss Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Legal Aid Insurance

To prevent damages, we advise and support companies and institutions in their risk management (control and prevention). We do this in order to include:

  • Company Liability Insurance
  • Legal Aid Insurance

Claim services are processed under the ‘umbrella’ of Animal Sickness Insurance.

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