At your request our work can commence. Beforehand we need to make an agreement with you about our method of work. You will receive an estimation of the time we will have to spend, the expected costs and results. The agreements are recorded in a proposal.

A smooth and direct service is what we stand for. At HE you have no account managers or back office staff. You are in direct contact with the specialist performing your job loss. Furthermore, we offer our clients the opportunity to monitor the survey process.

We provide a 24/7 service for you and your clients in case of any emergencies. It’s impossible to predict if a treatment of a sick animal will be successful.

Therefore, the expertise in this phase sometimes will have to take longer, however that can ultimately result in a save for the client. With advanced software, we are able to ‘read ‘ your business. A backup management program is analysed on the basis of codes and performance indicators, which then assesses the damage in an efficient and accurate manner.

Our position in the expertise route is independent. We are not restricted to one Company and the client receives a report in clear terms.

HE follows NIVRE,(Dutch Institute of Registered Loss adjusters) regulations. These regulations serve as a standard for our work.

It’s not the damage, but the
situation which makes us wiser!