In everything that grows and thrives, there is a life cycle. Plants and animals are distinguished clearly from materials and products made from inert, “dead” substances. Our field is dynamic and the seasons have their influence. Ploughing, sowing, propagation, harvest and slaughter. Animals are born and die. Plants and trees germinate, grow, bloom, bear fruit, and over time they die. Livestock we feed and crops we fertilize. Water, sunlight and fresh air are essential. Germs and lack of resistance pose a risk.

Our industry is made of passionate and dedicated people: farmers, crop-growers, growers of (ornamental) plants, breeders, domestic animal owners, and horse owners. They do what they love to do. With passion, commitment and emotion.

Livestock and crops by law, fall under “goods”. ¬†They are not to be compared with buildings, inventory or motor vehicles. They are of great value and often vulnerable.

Our experts at HE have great knowledge of the pathophysiology of flora and fauna. We have years of experience with the human factor and know the market in which animals, plants and products are traded. We have knowledge of liability and debit and therefore are the expert specialists in agriculture and related damages at a high level of excellence.

Damages are often relative due to the resilience of Nature!